Represented me like family, not just a client
“I came to Mr. Tomasik from another attorney who was not capable of handling my particular case.  I found his website while searching the internet for a personal injury attorney.  I called the office and briefly spoke to Jessie, the assistant who was so polite and patient with me on the phone.  She informed me that Mr. Tomasik agreed to meet up with me the same day.  On my way to Berkeley, I was very nervous as to how things were going to turn out because after all, I had such a bad experience with my previous lawyer.  At the same time, I had serious painful health issues resulting from my car accident with which I had to deal with on a daily basis.  Having to deal with terrible physical pain and looking for a different attorney for myself was very stressful for me.  I arrived to Mr. Tomasik’s Berkeley office and upon entering I almost immediately felt comfortable.  Mr. Tomasik got some information from me about my situation and how unhappy and disappointed I was in my previous lawyer.  Like I said, at the time of my meeting with him, I was feeling very sick due to my injuries but Mr. Tomasik made me feel so comfortable.  I was so glad that he was willing to take on my case.  From then on, I don’t have anything but all the positive things to say about Mr. Tomasik.  He was always there to answer any questions I had along the way. I could reach him at all times.  I couldn’t reach my previous lawyer for weeks and I am not exaggerating.  I thought that was normal for lawyers not to call back promptly until I hired Mr. Tomasik. Most importantly, Mr. Tomasik treated me like family.  He fought so hard for me to the end.  Upon reading the other testimonials, I have come to realize that each case Mr. Tomasik takes on, he takes it very seriously and does not give up until he gets the best compensation.  In my case, the process was very, very long but at the end he won a great settlement on my behalf.  I appreciate all his help so much.  I don’t have a lot of experience with lawyers aside from my previous lawyer but I know that Mr. Tomasik is above the rest.  Not only is he so professional, extremely knowledgeable, and compassionate but he is so down to earth person.  I feel so fortunate in that he was the one who handled my case.”
– Svetlana G.

Great Attorney
“I was standing on a street corner when a truck jumped the curb, and knocked me unconscious.  I had never been involved in litigation before, and I was extremely nervous for my deposition, but Mr. Tomasik walked me through the process every step of the way, and settled my case.  Mr. Tomasik is a very trustworthy attorney, and I still keep in touch with him today.  I would recommend Mr. Tomasik’s services to anyone.”
– Kerry W.

My injury was hell, but Mr. Tomasik brought some light.
I came to Mr. Tomasik having had unsatisfactory experiences with three attorneys.  The first attorney, I waited two weeks for a paralegal that they assigned that never arrived.  The second attorney prejudged my case without listening to my situation, and was only interested in the fees and not my injury.  The third attorney wanted to get me a “quick settlement” without hearing my story.  So finding Mr. Tomasik, experiencing his personal touch, and professional concern and care, was just what I needed.  I had complete trust in Mr. Tomasik, and after a long fight with the insurance company, he came through with a million dollar settlement.  Since he had handled another Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy case before, he realized that I had that disease before my surgeon told me I had it.  English is my second language, so Mr. Tomasik came with me to several doctors appointments to help me understand the medical issues.  Mr. Tomasik was clever enough to get an “Advance Payment” from the insurance company before the final settlement, and then he was kind enough to delay repayment of his litigation costs so I could buy a house for my daughter and I.  He really knows Uninsured Motorist law, so he really taught the insurance company attorney a few things.  Not only is Mr. Tomasik a great attorney, but he is a great person as well.  I give Mr. Tomasik my highest recommendation!
– K.W.

Worth serious consideration
My attorney grasped issues in my case which resulted in a “Bad Faith” suit regarding my insurance company’s actions (or lack thereof).  In getting us to and through mediation, he was able to get the insurance to finally pay the money which was owed.  His analysis of the Bad Faith issues was critical to its ultimate success.  He recommend and was able to interest one of the leading Bad Faith firms in taking the case from there.  He was very trustworthy, and I appreciated his advice.
– Carey C.

Excellent Lawyer
Mr. Tomasik lived up to the cliche of giving 110%.  He examined my case from all angles, consulted with colleagues and made every effort to reach the settlement I deserved.  I very strongly recommend him for his superior knowledge, dedication and sensitivity towards his clients.
– Elizabeth S.

Great Work
I broke my ankle in a slip/fall accident.  I talked to a couple of attorneys to see if I could open a claim against the Home Insurance Company that covers the house where I had the accident.  They say No, because my case was not strong.  I contacted Mr. Tomasik, explained the situation, and he took my case, even when some of his colleagues told him not to (I learned this later during the process).  Lucky for me.  He initiated negotiations.  He was in constant communication with me letting me know the status of my case.  He and his assistant, Jessie, were there every single time I had a question.  He worked hard and aggressively during the negotiations until he got the best possible deal for me.  Great work.  I absolutely recommend the services of Mr. Tomasik, Thank you very much.
– Ruben A.

Outstanding Attorney, Very involved and hands on
A summary of my case history with Joe can be found on his own website, under examples of cases he has handled, where I am listed as Ryan R (v Simon). In short, I was involved in a motorcycle accident with permanent injuries, surgery, and a 3 day stay in the hospital.

It had initially not occurred to me to file suit against the other party (who was at fault), but because I had permanent damage to my body, I decided to file suit to recover something to substitute for what I had lost.

I spoke to several attorneys in the Bay Area, largely concentrated in the East Bay of the SF Bay Area (where I lived at the time) and I had mixed results. Some firms would only let me talk to the secretary and insisted I come into the office to discuss any details of the case.  Others were willing to talk to me to get basic facts to determine if it was a case they were interested in handling, but refused to offer any advice without being first hired and contracted. A select few were willing to offer basic advice over the phone.

Joe was different.  He not only was willing to give me extensive advice on the phone regarding not only regarding who he felt was legally at fault, but also regarding steps I could take at that moment that would strengthen my eventual case no matter which attorney I eventually hired.  He also helped my resolve and kept me calm by letting me know how long I had to file my case and to not rush into things while I was still injured.

After our lengthy phone conversation, I spoke with him for about 30 minutes in person so I could meet before making a final decision.  We were able to get long and work together, and he immediately struck me as someone I could trust and who genuinely had my best interests in mind.

After I hired him, he worked diligently on my case while remaining easy to get ahold of via both phone and email.  He let me know many many times how the case was proceeding at each step, and prepared and advised me well during each step of the process so that nothing came as a shock or surprise.  Instead, we knew in advance what the other insurance company might do or ask, and so I had time to think and prepare my answers.  (though I must point out, in case you are wondering, that NEVER did Joe encourage me to exaggerate or stretch the truth in my answers, EVER.  In fact, he always encouraged me to simply tell the truth and state the facts).  The other insurance company was frustrating at times, but Joe told me, in advance, how they might treat things so that I was able to keep my head and keep calm and patient.

Joe believed that I had a very strong case from the beginning and strongly argued with the other insurance company for the maximum amount he could get on my behalf.  However, he was also honest throughout the process telling me that several factors were out of our control (such as how a jury might find) and that each case has a bit of randomness in the eventual settlement, so he never artificially raised my hopes, which I very much appreciated.

In the end, the amount he was able to get in the eventual settlement exceeded all of my expectations and it appears to be the largest amount ever awarded in California for an injury of my type.

Even though the settlement was several years ago, I still consider Joe a friend of mine and keep in contact with him.  I have no hesitations about recommending him to anyone needing an attorney.
– Ryan R., Ph.D. candidate